How Do You Reduce The Noise Of Your Garage Door?

Are you tired of that noisey garage door when it goes up and down?  There are a couple different options that you can do to reduce the noise.

First, you must do a yearly maintenance on your door.  This intails keeping your tracks, springs, rollers, and opener lubricated.  Having a smooth operating garage door and opener is the key to reduction in noise.  

Next,  is not uncommon to replace your old steel rollers every couple years.  Switching out your old steel rollers to nylon rollers will significantly reduce your noise level as well.

Finally, with a socket wrench or adjustable wrench make sure you tighten all your nuts and bolts on the garage door and track. 

Do not overtighten the nuts and bolts but make sure that they are nice and snug so that there is no rattling as the door goes up and down.


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